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Monday, April 18, 2011

Happy (Early) Easter!

Hello girls and boys!  If you're below the Mason Dixon, Happy Spring Break!  To those of you "up top,"  don't more week to go!

Our attendance this past Saturday, was, well, less than stellar, but we're still moving forward :)  Maybe the attendance or lack there of was a sign that nonfiction isn't one of your favorite genres, and that's cool if it's not.  Only thing I'd say about that is to give every genre a try, at least once.  You just never know what you don't like until you DO give it a try.  That goes for vegetables too!  

Now for a few last minute reminders.  The April 23 session is cancelled since so many of you will be out of town.  April 30 is our last session until further notice, so make sure you check back in for new dates.  And don't forget our NEW location listed below!

Until next time, keep reading and writing, writing, writing away!  Oh yeah, don't forget the YAP motto..."Anything is possible, as long as you believe!"

Who:  Dorothy H. Price
What:  Young Authors Program
Where: Lakeview Church
13925 Erwin Road
Charlotte, NC 28273
When: April 30 (May dates coming soon!)
Time: 3-3:45 and 4-4:45 (either session)
Why:  Because it's fun! (and educational too)
How:  Plane, train, or automobile...whichever is best for your parents!
Cost:  $4 registration fee (one-time) & $6 per session
Contact: (704) 464-8559 or

Program Information link:

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